My Favorite Zombie 2010

The Quick and The Undead by PARRISH RANDALL

I have always been a fan of the horror genre, with “Night of the Living Dead” being one of my favorite zombie films. It is the film that made me realize great films could be made whether in Hollywood or not!!! After five years of “bit parts” and one liners for myself as an actor on many TV shows, my first principle lead came in the form of playing lead bad guy Blythe Remington in what else…a ZOMBIE film.

“The Quick and the Undead”, released by Anchor Bay Entertainment, allowed me to play the guy responsible for starting the zombie “plague”…and within the film’s final frames he dies and becomes a zombie. It was a super experience in that undergoing 4 to 5 hours in the make-up chair for me was truly a great time. Many actors hate the make-up applications…but for me seeing myself transformed from the human “Blythe” I had played throughout the movie

into a “flesh-eating zombie” was a dream come true! My face appeared ripped almost half away, one arm was shredded down to bone…and director Gerald Nott allowed me to utilize one of my favorite zombie character’s of all time for the style of “zombie walk” that I portrayed on-screen as the undead! I utilized Flyboy’s walk from the original “Dawn Of The Dead” as my cold rotting version of Blythe crept through the darkness of “The Quick and the Undead” set!

As well, earlier in the film, seeing over 100 people transformed into “zombies” for the massive zombie attack scenes and then being attacked by these zombies as part of the film was a genuine bloody treat! I had my entrails ripped from my guts as blood sprayed through F/X tubing and cameras rolled.

Understand, when making a film there are many set ups for a scene like that one, so I was eaten alive many times that shooting day while screaming bloody murder until I had no voice! I loved every gut munching moment of it though! So there you have it…how an actor who is a zombie fan truly got to live his dream of going from villain who starts the plague, to victim of his own handiwork to ravenous zombie himself! Bloody good memories from the land where if “you’re not quick…you’re undead”! Thanks!


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