My Favorite Zombie 2010


On August 11, 2010 at exactly 11:03 am I was driving on Interstate 95, toward Washington DC. I received a text message from my brother. It was very clear what the message meant and its importance to the survival of mankind.. The text was…

“Get the damn screwdriver out of my head”

My brother and I have been watching horror movies since we were old enough to sneak tapes into the Betmax player. For those unfamiliar with Betamax, it was a smaller version of a VHS. For those of you unfamiliar with VHS, it’s what we had before DVD players. For those of you unfamiliar with what a DVD player is…  how exactly are you smart enough to read what I am typing. DO THESE WORDS MAKE ANY SENSE TO YOU! No, this is all scribble…anyways…

When I was asked to do the oddball character Frank, (Slo Frank)-on the show Monster Madhouse, I was extremely excited Slo Frankly, being a Zombie can be a grand experience.

4 things I learned from being a Zombie / Zombi-ish

  1. If you walk into a gas station in the middle of July after finishing a shoot… even the toughest people step aside… (maybe not because they are scared, they just think you’re crazy).
  2. You may think it’s funny to go into a drug store in character to see how people react… however, People think it’s funnier when your truck doesn’t start when you try to leave and you’re in full face paint with dead people clothes on and the hood of your truck open while you try to figure out what the problem is… (I have not seen any of the 200 pictures that were taken during this session of embarrassment.. but I do know they exist)
  3. If you stop at a gas station on your way to a Horror Convention and you are in full make up – and you race to the restroom in the back of the gas station…   YOU WILL SCARE THE POO out of the poor guy walking out of the bathroom.and HE WILL run back in and slam the door shut with wide open eyes and the worse look of fear you could imagine. In this guy’s brain-  at that moment…he was being chased…by the living dead.
  4. If you are asked to be a zombie film and there are nude zombie girls…that’s hot!

I asked my son Christopher (11 now, 9 at the time) about his zombie experience, he said:

“When I was a zombie I appeared on the TV show called Monster Madhouse. A funny part about me being a zombie was that the host of the show [Karlos Borloff] gave me keys to drive his van and I walked out there slowly…….haha”

This has been fun … Happy Halloween… and remember just because children shouldn’t play with dead things… it’s okay for dead things to play with children.


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