The State Of Decay: A Letter From The Editor

The Venus Probe Has Landed…

The end is nigh…the radiation is spreading…and our first post is just around the corner!

I’m still doing some catch up from our reboot of 2010’s My Favorite Zombie month. It was a blast and we are 10 months away from our 2018 brand spanking new edition. I’ve been working tirelessly on getting some thank you gifts ready for our next contributors. Entries are always being excepted and the dead line is many months away! Just click HERE and you will be taken to the entry form.

Also, as you may have notice, our staff has grown tremendously with writers from all backgrounds of literature. I also was able to bring back one of our original Dead Walk contributors, J.M. Stewart, to this new incarnation. He is one of my favorite writers and you are all in for some top-notch articles with him at the helm.

A merch store is in the works. There will be a few items available and nothing too crazy. As of now we are looking at a few T-Shirts, hoodies, sticker packs, and some awesome coffee mugs all designed with our amazing Lou Rusconi-provided artwork. Look for more original artwork-laced merch within the coming months!

That’s all I got for now! Our 1st few articles will be up very soon! Please visit us on all of our social media outlets and thank you as always for the support!


A.R. Marquez



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