BOTTOMFEEDER, Eibon Press’ Long-Awaited Comic, Available For Pre-Order Tomorrow!

Eibon Press‘ long-awaited original comic series Bottomfeeder, starring the legendary Joe Pilato (Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead) will finally be released to the masses this Friday, December 8th at 7pm PST in 3 exclusive editions! Check out the exclusive info below!

The Signature Edition ($14.99) and Standard Edition ($9.99) will ship Dec 22nd.

But there will also be 50 advanced copies ready to ship for just in time for X-Mas! They are calling these the Psycho Fan Edition ($19.99)! These can be personally autographed to whomever you wish and they contain the extras from BOTH the signed and standard editions! There are only 50 of these Psycho Fan Editions so late bloomers will miss out!

If you are familiar with Eibon Press, you would know that their comic book endeavors are a labor of love. They always load up their releases with insane extras and Bottomfeeder is getting the full Eibon Press treatment. Check out all the awesome extras you get with this amazing release! Nobody does it like Eibon.

And speaking of innovative extras, the Bottomfeeder Signature Editions come with their most mind-blowing extra yet! Lieutenant Joe Angell Download Cards! These cards will allow you to hear Captain Rhodes himself, Joe Pilato, doing some of his classic lines from this issue!

It all goes down THIS FRIDAY at 7pm PST. You can drop your pre-orders for the standard and signature edition or purchase the limited Psycho Fan Edition all on

According to the comics official website:

Based on a controversial unproduced screenplay for what was to be “the edgiest post-modern horror-noir experiment of all time,” [Bottomfeeder] was described by its producer, Shawn Lewis, as Humanoids From The Deep meets the Bad Lieutenant.”

The story takes place in the fictional port city of San Lucifer, California, where lieutenant Joe Angell (Joe Pilato) is in over his head with a series of brutal murders. Women are being attacked and impregnated by a hideous, mutated toxic waste creature—a creature that Joe himself has unwittingly helped to create! A dirty cop with a bizarre and incongruous moral code, Joe fights and fucks his way through a bottomless, haunted existence filled with self-hatred and heroin addiction. His bold on-the-street moves bring down the wrath of everyone from drug dealers to fellow cops to the shadowy leadership of a mysterious chemical company, with whom Joe has done a shady deal-with-the-devil.

 As the towering, sex-crazed toxic waste monster continues its bloody massacre by night—spawned from the genetic code of catfish, combined with the DNA of man—Joe is given bizarre visions that may provide the key to stopping it. But will he fall victim to his own demons before he can face down the menace? In a shocking downward spiral of murder, torture and revenge, the bad lieutenant will face those demons head on—and, finally, a monster just as ugly as he is, a grotesque abomination that mirrors Joe’s own broken soul, in a deep, dark place of absolute, final horror.

Bottomfeeder is definitely one story you do not want to miss!


A.R. MARQUEZ (Adam Ray) was born and raised in California’s Central Valley but currently calls Sacramento, CA home. His childhood consisted of copious amounts of horror films on VHS, horror fiction/nonfiction books, and playing the guitar. You can find his poetry, literature, and personal writings at Vocal.Media Click the link below.

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