Where Have All The Zombies Gone?: The Current State Of The Walking Dead

Okay, I think I’m going to have to introduce myself with a major rant about The Walking Dead.

“Hi, I’m Lea and I am officially bored and disappointed with The Walking Dead series. Please bring back the walkers”.



It was Halloween, a Sunday night, in the year 2010. The only thing I was getting ready for that evening was the series premier of The Walking Dead. Lights off. Snacks and drinks within arm’s reach. Surround sound on. Eyes wide open. It was glorious: Rick waking up to find himself in a world that he didn’t recognize. rick hospitalA world full of death and confusion, people killing “people”, having to piece together everything he missed while in a coma, Rick’s first encounter with a “walker” and him learning how to kill one.

I mean, so much happened in a one-hour episode. So many new faces introduced and stories that needed unraveling. But, the way the episode ended, that was when I truly fell in love. It was one thing to show a few zombies while Rick was trying to get his bearings. However, a city engulfed in the walking dead and having to find yourself in the middle of that mess, that’s terrifying. A true situational fear that almost anyone can empathize with. Oh, and let’s not forget, Rick had to merk a little zombie child! With their unrelenting appetite for the living and their rapid proliferation, zombies were the ultimate monster.

Here’s a highlight of TWD’s first episode in case you need a refresher.


Let’s fast forward to the Season 8 mid-season finale.

What. A. Fucking. Boring. Ass. Season. Wait, it’s been fucking boring since Negan offed Glenn [and Abraham]. Honestly, I’m sure someone can agree with me on this, right?

I’ll admit, I have not read the comics, so I don’t know how all this is supposed to end. This is part of what makes watching the season fun for me anyway. After the excitement of the days of Terminus and escaping the cannibals, sometime after Beth died and the Wolves were introduced, a sense of impending doom of a death of a series was looming over me. Now the seasons are filled with people fighting and fearing people with very few zombies on the front line.

Abraham and Glenn's Death Scene
Death by Lucille

I know, I know, that’s how the progression of a start of a new civilization happens, so it’s almost necessary. But, can anyone honestly say that they don’t miss the walkers? I feel that the directors are now just killing the main players slowly just as a “Hail Mary” for excitement or viewer reaction. Kind of trying to do what Game of Thrones does best, but failing miserably. With every person TWD kills off, the series dies a little bit too.

Instead of getting more exciting, a slow burn develops and fizzles out right at the end of each episode. It feels like each season following season 5 is long and drawn out, full of closeups of Rick thinking; full of closeups of each character just being angry. There is no visual storytelling happening anymore. The very least, more than a couple of zombie fatalities are happening per episode.

Let me paint you a picture, try recapping the last, oh say, 3 episodes of Season 8. Now imagine just listening to each episode, not watching what’s happening on the screen. Yeah, are you really missing much? NOPE! There is nothing to watch. So, the directors have resorted to gore (don’t get me wrong, I love gore, but not if it’s being used as a crutch to make a whole season interesting), extreme violence, and explosions, to catch the viewer’s’ attention. This fails me in every way because I want zombies back as the monster. We see people doing this shit in real life, in the news. We already know that people are monsters.

Click Here to read a great article that our editor, A.R. Marquez, wrote after viewing the first season of TWD. He had the foresight of what was to become of the next 7 seasons.

Perhaps there isn’t a better way for Rick Grime’s world to work its way back to a functional civilization. But the writers and directors of TWD are turning the zombies into an artifact prematurely, in my opinion; the walkers have become a prop.

Also, this slow burn aggression between Rick and Negan must end soon because this is what’s holding back the story. They have drawn this damn fight off for too long only for each one to keep getting away at the end.


I will end my rant by saying, bring back the fucking walkers and kill Rick or Negan already, so we can move the fuck on.


Random thought: Why the hell do the Scavengers speak broken ass English? It seriously doesn’t add anything. I understand that it has been years of post-apocalyptic life. I just don’t see grammar reverting to caveman structure.

Ok one more: The multiple attempts of biblical symbolism need to be utilized better or scrapped.

Comment below and let me know if you agree or not.


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