Zombie Combat

Zombie Combat – Public Bus

Mass transit massacre

12/18/2017, By: John J. Rambeaux – For many commuters, riding a city bus is the best and only way to get to and from life’s daily duties. Only this time, the walking dead decide to come along for a ride. For the purposes of this scenario, we’ll assume there are two working doors on the public bus. They are both located on the passenger side. The bus is 35’-40’ feet long with windows along both sides. Two escape hatches are located in the roof of the bus at the front and the rear of the bus. It is peak traffic time and the bus is crowded to the point of having a few riders standing up in the aisle.

Bus BlueprintYou are sitting on the aisle seat near the rear door, when a passenger makes a stop request. The bus driver pulls over to the side of the road and opens the rear door, except; the rider sees something approaching the bus. “SHUT THE DOOR!” scream the passengers, but it’s too late. A rotting corpse steps up into the bus, mouth agape and arms outstretched. The smell of gangrene and digested blood floods your senses. Icicles shoot up the back of your neck as his lifeless cataract eyes zone in directly on you….

What do you do?


Evasive, Defensive, or Offensive?

The answer is defend and escape.  Don’t try to be a hero.  You need to understand that not everyone is going to make it off that bus alive.  Its up to you to decide if it is going to be you or not.

First, you need to put something between yourself and the zombie.  Weapons are not allowed on public busses, so pulling out your machete and chopping off the zombie’s hand isn’t an option.  If you have a backpack or satchel, you could use that as a shield to create a barrier.  Or, shove the stranger right next to you into the path of the zombie.   Once you’ve stalled the zombie’s advance or distracted it, you need to GTFO of the bus.


Next, make your way to the nearest exit. We’ll assume the bus driver has already opened the doors and fled the scene. Moving forward to the front exit doors could be your best option if the path is clear. If not, climb over the seats in front of you till you get to the closest emergency escape window. Pop the latch and open the widow. Now, here is an important step: Stop, look and listen.

Where there is one zombie, often times there are more. If a zombie has already boarded your bus, there is a good chance that other zombies are gathered around the vehicle. Taking an extra five-seconds to plan your next move could save your life. Once you’ve assured the coast is clear, and you’ve chosen a direct line to your next safety point, jump out of the window. Hit the ground running, and scan for other targets. When you reach a safe defensible location, check yourself for any wounds and take a rapid inventory of your belongings.

Historical precedent

According to US Air Force Survival Evasion Resistance Escape (SERE) Operations manual, being situationally aware is still the best defense. If a pilot or crewman was shot down behind enemy lines, he would need to know how to evade and escape. The SERE ops guidebook addresses traveling on vehicles in an urban setting.

One of the most important aspects is recognizing impending hazards BEFORE they become a problem. Early recognition allows the time a potential IP needs to possibly avoid trouble. It is vitally important that drivers as well as passengers recognize and become IMMEDIATELY aware of what they see while driving. Using EYES and MIND to analyze what is seen for potential dangers. It is imperative that all personnel remain alert for anything that appears suspicious. [USAF SERE]

Odds of Survival


Modern transit vehicles are designed to be very safe and easy to evacuate if needed be. There are specialized hammers that can break glass in the event emergency windows won’t open. Drivers often carry seat belt knives, sometimes known as ‘Z-knives’. Don’t get fooled. These won’t cut a ‘Z’ (zombie). They are specially designed to slice cords, cables and braids.

So, if you are ambushed by a zombie on the bus and you maintain your cool, act decisively, defend against lunging attacks and GTFO your odds of survival are above average.

Zombie Combat is a series that investigates hypothetical situations involving the undead in melee combat.  Will you fight, run, or hide?  Have a suggestion for Zombie Combat? Leave a comment below or email JohnjRambeaux@Yahoo.com.


Nothing is over! Nothing! You just don't turn it off! It wasn't my war! You asked me, I didn't ask you! And I did what I had to do to win!

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  1. John J. Rambeaux

    I’ve heard about getting ‘thrown under the bus’ but this is just ridiculous. #zombie

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