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Preparing For A Zombie Outbreak With The Colorado Zombie Outpost

Colorado Springs outfitter, the Colorado Zombie Outpost,  is your one-stop-shop for a zombie apocalypse!

John QuatkemeyerPearre Cabell, and Sunny Cabell are the proud owners of the Colorado Zombie Outpost (CZO).  If TSHTF or TEOTWAWKI  happens they WILL BE PREPARED.  Nestled in the scenic backdrop of Cheyenne Mountain, CZO is the perfect mix of zombie themed products and all-purpose survival/camping gear.  They have a lot of fun in the store, but don’t take survival lightly.  Offering a wide range of functional weapons and even firearms training, these dudes are PREPARED!

The Dead Walk made a special trip to visit CZO over the 2017 holidays and they rolled out the red carpet.  Friends and family arrived in zombie proof vehicles, and we talked about how to prepare.  #zombie

Interview conducted on 12/23/2017, By John J. Rambeaux
All answers given by J. Quatkemeyer (JQ) and P. Cabell (PC)

Colorado Zombie Outpost 12
Colorado Zombie Outpost owners. L:R Sunny Cabell, Pearre Cabell, John Quatkemeyer.

The Dead Walk – What message do you want to share with the world about survival?
Colorado Zombie Outpost – Prepare. Be prepared.

TDW – What does that mean to you?
CZO – Have a bag in the car. Have duplicate copies of birth certificates, ID’s etc… Make sure you operate with a ‘three day’ mindset. That means, at the drop of dime you could survive for three days. We all have kids and wives, so for us, not being prepared isn’t an option. It’s not about our lives. It’s about our kid’s lives.

TDW – What’s the best way to get prepared?
CZO – Make it fun man! That’s part of the reason we chose the zombie theme for the store. It really helps to ease the grim reality of preparing for the end of the world if you make it fun.

When thinking about disaster prep, you’re planning for your own funeral. It’s not fun to do. It’s not pleasant. Basically, when TSHTF you need to ask yourself, “What would you do?” (JQ)

TDW – Is that why you choose to go with the zombie theme for your store?
CZO – Yes, that was big part. The ‘survival store’ scene is kind of overcrowded, and it’s really hard to gather all of the equipment under one roof. After thinking about it, we decided to go with the zombie theme.

TDW – How long have you been in business?
CZO – 4 years

TDW – What are some of your best-selling zombie survival items?
CZO – Knives and generally all of our weapons sell well. Items to fill the bug out bags are popular too. One of them, the survival candle, has been a hot item lately.

Catastrophe Candles
Catastrophe Candles are seeing an increase in purchases.

TDW – Not including your sidearms, what would be your weapon of choice when a zombie apocalypse breaks out?
CZOCross bow. It’s a good long distance weapon with substantial knock down power. You could also hunt game with it, if your food supply ran low. They come with a standard tip, but can be retrofitted with a variety of arrowheads to inflict greater damage… to the living or the dead! However, “Skill is the best weapon”.

Colorado Zombie Outpost 10
The Colorado Zombie Outpost stocks a variety of crossbows and other melee weapons.

 Are zombies real?

TDW – Do you believe in the walking dead and zombies?
CZO – Define zombies?! You can use the word zombie as a euphemism for anything that could be a threat to you. For example, our families live up in isolated ravines and a raging forest fire came through last year. It was a clear and imminent threat; the fire was their zombie. So really, zombie can represent any mindless action that can cause you harm. (PC)

As far as any ‘Hollywood’ style brain eaters, that’s probably not going to happen, but you can’t discount anything. Look at the ‘bath salt zombies’  (a.k.a. The Miami Cannibal Attack) down in Florida. What if someone weaponized that and released it into the water supply? You could realistically see a dramatic increase in those style of ‘face eating’ attacks. (JQ)

The Colorado Zombie Outpost is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. Check out their website for location, store hours, and survival inventory!


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