The Nightmare: An All Too Real Horror

The Shadow People and the fear they consume...

nightmares-never-sleep“When doomed to death I will attend to you a nocturnal fury: I will attack your face and brooding upon your restless breast. I will deprive of repose by terror…” – Horace

I can remember being a young boy, somewhere in between the ages of 6 and 8, and waking up in the middle of the night to see “a man” outside of my room watching me. I couldn’t move – not solely because I was petrified at what I was seeing but because I was in some form of sleep paralysis.

The man – I don’t know why, but I knew it was a man – was a complete shadow. He was a 3-dimensional shadow man who had a hat on and what appeared to be a fisherman’s trenchcoat. He had no eyes that I could see or no face that I could give a descriptive account of what he may have looked like – but I could feel that he was watching me.

Please, go away. Please. Go Away. PLEASE GO AWAY!

The being would observe me for minutes but it felt like an eternity. I would do my very best to scream out for my mother for help. And as my heart would race a mile a minute, I would keep thinking in my head “Go away. Go Away. GO AWAY.” A few minutes later I would be able to move, and like all children do, hide under my blanket and wish it would go away; to which it did.

This was one of the most terrifying things I had ever seen or experienced in my life. However, what would prove to be even more frightening was the fact that I not only saw this being while I was awakening from a deep sleep but also… while I was awake.

All TOO real documentary

The Nightmare

I just finished watching this horrifying documentary called The Nightmare (directed by Rodney Ascher). This documentary greatly recounted experiences from eight individuals that were all too reminiscent of my own experience back as a kid. While I sat through this documentary I could not but help, even as a grown man, feel somewhat startled by how accurate the people in the documentary recounted their own experience with these beings and how it related to my own.

I can honestly say that the first fifth of the documentary had me left in awe at how accurate and how precise the interviewees had described these beings.

The bit of acting that was injected really helped to illustrate better the mannerism of these beings that are called “Shadow People.”

In The Nightmare, eight individuals are interviewed. They have all seen these creatures called Shadow people. Shadow People are beings that look like shadows but take on the form of a 3-dimensional being (and this is quite salient as I will mention a bit later on).

Exactly what I use to see

This documentary was incredibly terrifying and haunting for me because the people in this documentary all experienced something to which I thought was something only “I saw” and more importantly something that I thought I had imagined.

More horrifying and daunting was the aspect of the people hearing voices of people telling them to do things. And even worse – having these beings touch them and attack them.

The encounters with these beings are genuinely chilling. I remember as a child hearing a female voice, who I always thought was my mother, call out my name. And I would go to my mother and say, “Yes, Mom.”

My mother would look at me and say what’s wrong and I would tell her that she called me. To which she would reply she didn’t. I always thought that I was just hearing things and seeing things.

But then there was one-night where I was in a room with my brothers watching TV, and they were laying on the bed, and I was a bit away from them. And I felt a hand on my back tap me.

I turned around, and my brothers were still on the bed with no signs that they had moved. I asked them who tapped me and they said “No one. What are you talking about?”

This experience was not the only time but many times that incidents like this would happen and I quite often chalked it up to it being in my head.

Scary because it feels so real

All Too REAL

The documentary dramatically sheds light on the lore of these Shadow People and had made great strides to show that these beings are not only a product of one culture but ALL CULTURES. These beings have been recorded around the world – and that right there… is haunting.

They are not mere hallucinations, as, like the people in the documentary, I too saw them when I was wide awake.

I guess it would be safe just to say this was nothing more than my imagination until they started to talk about extra dimension.

The “hat man” is the big dog.

What do I mean by that?

There are multiple dimensions, not just the 3-dimensional reality we reside in. Physicists have long understood that there are numerous dimensions – with some believing there are 10 to 11.

These Shadow People may very well be dimensional beings.

Why this is important is because we have a better understanding of multiple dimensions and that we as human beings reside in the third dimension or the fourth dimension (as we pass through time and time is the fourth dimension).

And this got me to think, what if beings from a higher plane of existence can observe us in this dimension? What if they are capable of entering into our dimension?

Is this too far-fetched an idea?

I don’t think so.

There is so much to the reality that we DO NOT UNDERSTAND and even more frightening that we DO NOT KNOW ABOUT.

To have people all around the world who have never contacted one another and who have never even probably heard about the other culture – but they share all the same horrific experience… is frightening.

Is/Was it all in our heads?

Am I dreaming or is this reality?

The documentary captured the appearance and the vibe of these shadow people to a tee; as well as the voices of these beings. When I was a child, I very much thought it was nothing more than my imagination as I have not seen these beings now that I am an adult; I really wish not to see them again.

But it makes me wonder about our neurological system. Could it be something that people see because of a neurological malfunction of the brain? Or could it be something that is developed in childhood and that fades away as we grow up; at least for most of us?

Is that also, too far-fetch an idea?

There are people in insane asylums who believe they are Elvis, Secret Agents, and Jesus. Are we to presume that it is plausible to take them seriously or to think that they have a mental disease.

Both the former and the latter are plausible, but more likely the latter would be the most logical.

We all know what the flu is despite going anywhere in the world. We all know what a nightmare is wherever you go around the world. We all experience a plethora of things that may seem weird and we think is just to ourselves, but in reality, other people witness the same things as well.

Tales of witches are also worldwide lores!

Think about the witches. Almost all cultures have at some time believed in witches, with some cultures today who still believe in them. But witches aren’t real.

Or are they? 

Are we to assume that witches are real because other cultures around the world all share this lore?

To sidetrack for a second. How do we know anything about reality is real? How do we know reality even exist? Are we living in a simulation? Or is this nothing more than a dream?

If so anything could exist.

And I bring this up because what if our minds are playing tricks on us? How can we ever know what is real or false? How can we ever have confidence in the reality we live in?

This…is scary. 

These horror tales of demons and monsters may very well fall out of the scope of science and reason. And that is not necessarily a bad thing, as science has been revealing and unlocking the secrets of the universe/ reality – if that is even a thing; reality.

And please excuse the injection of science jargon, but what if these shadow beings ARE of a higher existence? What does that say about our existence? What does that say about what we are as human beings? To have other dimensional beings out there that could exist and can interact with us but we cannot communicate with them… is scary.

These questions are haunting because they make the existence of shadow people plausible. And to be frank and open-minded – why wouldn’t their existence be likely?

Are they higher dimensional beings??

Plausible Existence is what makes this scary

This documentary was fascinating and brought out the little boy in me who was once terrified as a child when seeing them.

It is both shocking to see and truly understand the stories of those who were interviewed. And even more frightening, was the injection of the science in this documentary. As we continue to unravel the secrets of our reality we understand so much more.

If these shadow dimensional beings do exist – it would make sense why they can pop in and out of our reality so effortlessly. Much like the famed Flatland book (written by Edwin A. Abbot) and the film (directed by Ladd Ehlinger Jr.), if they are coming from a higher plane of existence we probably only see them as shadow creatures because our three-dimensional biology only allows us to see them that way.

Much like the sphere in Flatland – who was able to enter into the 2D world and pop in and out of the Flatland universe (because he was capable of entering in the Z-axis, which is up) – I am believing now that maybe these shadow beings are 5th or higher dimensional beings that enter into our lower plane of existence and all that we can do is see their shadows.

And why they would come here is explained very well by one of the people being interviewed. They come here to feed on our fears. This makes this idea even more plausible. The fact that an interviewee saw black stuff oozing out of her body towards the shadow being would explain why they have the need to scare us with their presence.


Fear is food to them.

Maybe that’s their way of consuming food or gaining energy.

But there really is so much more to ponder; which I will discuss in part 2 of this article.

But what do you think about Shadow people? Do you think that they are higher dimensional beings? Or do you think that they are just the result of our mind and body acting out of sync? And the brain making us visualize and feel sensation?

Both of these questions are plausible, and we will discuss both of them in the coming articles.

Until then sleep tight and don’t let the shadow people bite. 


Trel Spiegel is a lover of psychology and horror. Specifically, when it delves into the realm of psychology, neuropsychology, which most fascinates me. What is it about the chemical make up of individuals that makes one person altruistic and wants to help others and in someone else that makes it want to do the complete opposite? If ever there were monsters it is those who have no control of their minds.

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