The State Of Decay: A Letter From The Editor

A Mission Statement (Of Sorts)

The Dead Walk: who we are, what we write, and why we write it.

The Dead Walk has been around on and off for the better part of a decade. When this site broke ground back in late 2010, I had an overall vision of the direction I wanted to go. Big flashy press releases, breaking horror news, decadent editorials, viral-esque lists that jumped to the top of the search charts when it came to the taboo, etc…In other words, I wanted to be the carbon copy for the other bigger horror media outlets that were around well before us.

Well I tried that route. And I’m wrong for doing so.

Truth be told, I was looking for something I truly didn’t want. I was looking for a fast growth; a site that stepped right into the ring with the heavyweights before any sort of training took place. And I pushed my writers a bit harder than I should have while succumbing to the collapsing walls of the dense internet.

I definitely learned my lesson.

The hiatus this site took was very much-needed. I needed to regroup and prioritize why it is I even wanted to create a website that could possibly not be well received. But in the end, whether it was received or not became a moot point. I wanted to write. I wanted to get other people together to write. I wanted to cover the films no one else would.

For all the higher end, glossy and flashier websites that cycled through farms of content, I am happy with posting 1-2 articles a day.
For every press release of the next great low-budget found footage/zombie/ghost film that is unleashed onto the horror public, I was happy to write-up a retro review of a film that happened 30 years ago.

The fact that The Dead Walk was one of few websites that showcased black actors, films, and filmmakers for Black History Month in February while other sites were covering Women in Horror (WiH) was not only a way to continuously go into a different direction, but to showcase other important, passionate ideas. You can read about out reasoning for that February celebration here.

We don’t get paid for the press releases we write. We don’t have ads on our website. We don’t accept monetary or product donation for publicity. We don’t advertise ourselves on other horror media outlets. It’s not that we can’t or don’t have the means to do any of the aforementioned things…we just don’t want to.

We are content with writing up editorials that other websites will NOT touch. I have a writer currently working on an article about current witch hunts in Africa and the lawyers that represent them (he is an attorney by trade by the way). I have another writer working on an article regarding zombie cells (yes this is a real thing) and the key to immortality. You just can’t find articles like these on our neighboring horror outlets.

One of the main differences from our site to the rest is that desire to write about the films no one else will.

We also wanted to give back to the readers. And that’s where My Favorite Zombie Month came into play. We wanted to hear from you who share the passion in the genre. What makes you tick, where did your love of the gore come from, and we wanted you to share that with us and your fellow readers.

In the coming months, you will see more of the underground and exploitation gems that hardly see the light of day. That’s why sites like Bleeding Skull!, Cult Epics, AGFA, etc are so important to the genre; they give credence to the grit and the grime of horror/cult/exploitation cinema.

In closing, as out site grows, you will see a lot more features and content show up. Look for our Horror Artists Series in the very near future where we showcase the original art of some of the very best underground artists around today. And as soon as I’m done with this SoD article, I’m jumping right back into a very fun project regarding the 80s horror TV show Monsters.

We all look forward to slinging more of the gore and decay for you, our readers, as 2018 continues on.

As always, thank you endlessly for reading.


A.R. Marquez



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