Fangoria FrightFest Quickies: Pig Hunt & Roadkill

Take a look back at two of our favorites from the Fangoria Frightfest line-up.

In honor of Fangoria jumping back into the publishing circle and to the delight and awe of all of us here at The Dead Walk, here are some throwback quickies from the Fangoria Frightfest lineup released back in 2010.

Pig Hunt (2008) – Directed by James Issac

If you’ve ever had that desire to track down a hippie-fed, 3000 pound wild boar between tokes in Humboldt County, then James Issac’s PIG HUNT (2008) will meet your twisted (and I don’t mean Zig-Zags) need.

Starring Travis Aaron WadeTina Huang, and Howard Johnson Jr. as Bay Area hunting buddies who “get away from it all” by taking a hunting trip to Wade’s boyhood home in California weed territory. There, they get the full “rural horror” treatment, spending time being pursued by crazy rednecks, harassed by stoned out cultists and trampled underfoot by herd of wild pigs bred to kill.

PIG HUNT is a wonderful stew of 70’s cult killer flick mixed with 90’s grime. Special props for Bryonn Bain‘s performance as the hippie cult’s bizarre “sugar daddy,” an entertaining mash-up of Toshiro Mifune and Superfly. Kudos also to Bay Area music legend Les Claypool as the hillbilly reverend of the piece. (Didn’t Primus have a song about this very subject?). And our featured pig is the baddest hog killer since MOTEL HELL. Queue this one up and let it roll.

Road Kill (2010) – Directed by Dean Francis

Aussies are well-known for firing up a few steaks on the the Barbi. But in ROAD Kill (2010), some folks Down Under lift having “a red meat issue” to a whole new extreme.

This “hear-the tires-scream,” chase flick stars Sophie Lowe, Georgina Haig and Bob Morely as our usual group of terrified twenty-somethings being chased across the Australian Outback by the literal, eighteen-wheeler from Hell. One fueled by the blood of it’s victims.

You know you’re screwed when the hood ornament of the truck that’s trying to run you down is a silver replica of Cerberus, the three-headed guard dog of the Abyss. You’re really screwed when the cargo in the trailer of said truck is actually freakin’ Cerberus.

Dean Francis serves us an enjoyable little morality play in which our heroes are alternately repulsed and seduced by their power of their pursuer. But worry not, Fright Fans, he also delivers some rip-roaring splatter for our twisted enjoyment. Let this one roll and fire up some New York steaks, extra rare, on the ‘que.


J. Malcolm Stewart is a Northern California-based public relations/marketing professional. He holds degrees in Political Science and Comparative Religion, but can have a conversation someone without starting a small war. Long interested in suspense, thrillers and horror, he writes and reviews on the subject for websites far and wide. When he's not writing, reviewing or reading, you can find J. Malcolm riding around Northern CA with something radioactive in his trunk. Folllow J. Malcolm on Twitter: @sabbathsoldier Learn more about J. Malcolm @

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