UNEARTHED FILMS: Special 3-Disc DVD Edition of The Song of Solomon Available August 15th

When the song is finally sung, Lucifer will be unleashed . . .

Photo Credit: Unearthed Films Facebook Page

Director and producer Stephen Biro presents The Song of Solomon (2017). In this terrifying demonic possession film, holy men from the Catholic Church are sent to exorcise a young woman named Mary (played by Jessica Cameron). She has become possessed by demons that tormented her father before he committed suicide. Mary’s demonic possession is dangerous to the entire world. She holds within her an evil that has waited to be released since the dawn of time.

In The Song of Solomon, Biro creates a realistic portrayal of the bloody and brutal battle between the holy men and the demons within Mary. The actors in the movie perform authentic exorcism rituals taken from De Exorcismus Et Supplicationibus Quibusdam, the official exorcism book of the Vatican.

Photo Credit: IMDB

Biro also strives for gore as realistic as the rituals. The special effects of the film consist entirely of practical effects created by two leading FX companies, Toetag and Oddtopsy.

Unearthed Films will release a special 3-disc DVD version of The Song of Solomon on August 15th. You can order it only from the Unearthed Films website at


  • Commentary with Stephen Biro & Jessica Cameron
  • Commentary with Stephen Biro, Marcus Koch & Jerami Cruise
  • Behind the Scenes/Making of
  • Outtakes
  • Photo Gallery
  • Video Interview with Actress Jessica Cameron
  • Video Interview with Writer/Director Stephen Biro
  • Video Interview with Special Effects Artist Marcus Koch
  • Video Interview with Director of Photography Chris Hilleke
  • Video Interview with Actor Gene Palubicki
  • Video Interview with Actor David McMahon



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