Zombie Combat

Zombie Combat – Las Vegas Zombies

Would you survive a zombie apocalypse in Sin City? #lasvegas #zombies

Zombie Combat – Viva Las Muerte


Las Vegas, Nevada is major tourist destination. Gamblers and sightseers pour into the neon-filled desert town to test their luck in the casinos or take in a show. Bachelor parties get wild and crazy with silicone implanted strippers, flinging g-string panties around the back of stretch limousines. Mixed martial arts tournaments may have replaced boxing as the #1 draw in Vegas, but combat sports are still popular. No matter what your vice is, you can find it in the town they call “Sin City”.

You are on a “business trip” in Las Vegas one random weekend. The company you work for puts you up in the Excalibur Hotel. The dingy room is 27 floors up and there are safety bars across the windows. In the corner of the room, a stain on the carpet looks like it’s never going to come out. Rolling over to the other side of the lumpy bed, you glance at the clock and see it’s three in morning. An empty beer bottle and some left over marijuana edibles sit on the nightstand as reminder of the previous hour’s entertainment. Cottonmouth is already plaguing your tongue, and you wonder why didn’t stop spinning the roulette wheel when you your winnings were in the positive. Next to the drugs and alcohol, the ice bucket is empty. But you’re awake now, so you decide to walk down the hall to the vending machines and replenish it.

Once your bathrobe is wrapped around your waist, you grab the plastic bucket and head out into the hallway. The door closes behind you. Suddenly, you realize that you left your room keycard in the pocket of your pants, which are slung over the desk chair. You’ve locked yourself out. Up ahead, the ice maker drones a dull mechanical humming noise. You decide that you might as well get what you came for before calling the front desk for help. At the end of the hallway you hear a ruckus. It sounds like a john is getting all the services he paid for, and then some.

As you get closer the noise gets louder, and it sounds less like hot and heavy sex and more like a struggle. You get a little nervous now, but its none of your business, so you keep moving. Nearing the end of the hallway, you pass the door now. There is obviously a fracas going on. A man inside the room screams in bloody terror, and the fever pitch of it shocks you. He sounds as though he is being murdered right on the other side of the door.

Without your cell, you run now to the nearest phone. There happens to be a call box next to the fire escape stairs on the opposite side of the hallway from the vending. You tell the bellman to call 911 and bravely make your way back to the room, which has gone eerily silent now. You knock three times. Nothing happens. You call out into the room, “Hey. Is everybody all right?” Still; nothing happens. A bored looking, overweight security guard arrives and the look on his face betrays a “been there, done that attitude” to these type of situations. He too knocks on the door, but receives the same unanswered response. Assuming the couple inside must have finished their violent role play, he shrugs his shoulders and starts walking away, when a lamp inside the room smashes to the ground. Forced to investigate now, he reaches for a set of keys dangling from his belt.

Casually he unlocks the door and pushed it open a few inches. The safety chain on the inside of the door isn’t latched, and he pushes it open a few inches more. The room is dark inside and he peers inside. Suddenly, a hand grabs the guard by the shoulder and startles him. He stumbles backward and lands on the rug in the hallway.

A woman, naked from the waist up, exits the room. She is covered in blood, snarling and has a look of madness in her eyes that you’ve never before seen. She lunges on top of the fallen fatten and begins biting his face. Sinking her teeth into the flesh of his rotund cheek, she rips a giant chunk of flesh away. He screams, just like the man you heard earlier and tries to throw the nude women off him. Despite her small frame, she has a death grip on the man and he can’t break free. Her fingers are buried into muscles so far, you can’t even see her red fingernails. Again, the woman groans in a low sickly tone, and bites deeply into his jugular vein.

The security guard goes into shock and lays motionless on the floor. The demonic woman raises her gaze to you. She lifts herself off the man and starts towards you, her arms outstretched. Your mind reels as you try to come to terms with impossible; Standing before you is the living dead. A horrible nightmare is unfolding and you only have seconds to react.

What do you do?


Evasive, Defensive, or Offensive?

Evade. You’re trapped nearly thirty stories above the streets. At this point, all normal emergency response systems are still intact. Because you are unarmed and have no way of calling for help (except with your voice) you need to get to someplace safer.

Leaving the security guard to his fate, turn and run like hell to the opposite end of the hallway. Look for fire escape exit signs, and don’t even thing about taking the elevator. Make your way down to the ground floor and tell the night desk clerk to call 9-1-1 again. They’ll tell you to calm down and they’ve already dispatched someone to check on the noise. Understanding that you’re getting nowhere with the minimum wage employee at the counter, and they are starting to think you’re the crazy one, you decide you’re wasting precious time.

Scanning around the 24-hour casino floor you see one of your co-workers sitting bleary eyed at a video slot machine. Your run over to him and tell him that you both need to leave immediately. He thinks you’re crazy too, but the look of fear and desperation in your eyes convinces him otherwise. Taking your story on faith alone, you both run out of the casino into the dawn’s early light, hail the first taxi cab you can find and tell the driver to leave town. The cabbie hesitates until your friend shoves three hundred dollar bills up to the front seat. As you leave Las Vegas, the sights and sounds of police lights and sirens scream past you heading towards the strip.

Odds of Survival

B. As with any first encounter scenario, being quick to recognize imminent danger and act accordingly will be paramount to your survival. Not wasting anytime, you made the decision to run away, and that saved your life. If the zombie threat is neutralized rapidly, maybe the only collateral damage will be to your credibility. No doubt, your coworker might turn you over to looney bin ASAP once you get back to your normal life. However, if the zombie apocalypse commences and you escape the first wave of destruction, you could be one of the survivors. Some experts say you only have to survive the first three weeks of a societal collapse and then the rest will be easy. The death toll will be so high, that those remaining will have a fairly easy time sourcing supplies for their own needs. So, do like they do in Las Vegas; Roll the dice and press your luck, or don’t and keep your shirt. But what ever do, remember; The house always wins.

Zombie Combat is a series that investigates hypothetical situations involving the undead in melee combat.  Will you fight, run, or hide?  Have a suggestion for Zombie Combat? Leave a comment below!


Nothing is over! Nothing! You just don't turn it off! It wasn't my war! You asked me, I didn't ask you! And I did what I had to do to win!

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