The State Of Decay: A Letter From The Editor

Dawn of the My Favorite Zombie Month

My Favorite Zombie update, prize packs, and new submission entries...all here on July's State Of Decay!

Its been quiet on the undead front-lines here at The Dead Walk. We have some fresh staff writers and a plethora of great content in store for the rest of this month and into August.

October is peering over the horizon like the titular Dawn of the Dead logo as My Favorite Zombie Month gets closer and closer.

I’ve been working on the grand prize pack for the zombie entry with the most views/comments and it is looking cool!

This year I’m thinking of doing something a bit different. In the past we’ve had entrants submit articles with images detailing their favorite zombie entry. We will still accept articles of that kind. However, I’m opening the entries up to digital versions as well. Short video clips will be accepted as entries for My Favorite Zombie Month.

I’m still in the process of working out the details for video entries but I should have a handle on this and more info in a few weeks’ time.

In the meantime, to enter a submission the usual way, we will be accepting entries on our submission page once the prize packs have been completed and announced.

Keep it locked here on as well as our social media outlets for the prize pack announcements!

In other news:

Effective immediately, we will be discontinuing the Alamo Drafthouse Now Playing feature on our site going forward. There are some thoughts as to paring it down and maybe concentrating on one signature series but that is still to be determined.

We will still keep our location page on our site which we will update as more and more Drafthouse’s pop up across the nation!

If you’d like to check out our past entries of the Now Playing series, click the logo below. And tell us your thoughts. Would you like for us to continue updating on Alamo Drafthouse features?

Now Playing @ The Alamo Drafthouse near you!

As the kids say nowadays…change my mind.


A.R. Marquez



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