“Film Threat Presents” launches at San Diego Comic-Con with the release of “The Theta Girl”

Film Threat returns and enters the distribution game with The Theta Girl. "You have to marvel at how steadfastly it defies good taste." - J.B. Spins

Film Threat is back!

After relaunching last year on the web, the iconic indie film magazine is now adding a distribution label to its moniker and catering to the same rabid fan base that subscribed to the magazine during its 12-year print run.

The first release from Film Threat’s newly launched distribution label is The Theta Girl, from first time filmmakers David Axe & Christopher Bickel.

During Film Threat alumni Chris Gore‘s FUTURE INDIES YOU MUST SEE panel at San Diego Comic-Con, he introduced the label and film to a riveted crowd:

“I’m proud to screen for you the trailer for THE THETA GIRL, a film that warped my mind,” said Gore. “This is the first film that we are releasing under our new ‘Film Threat Presents’ label. I think you can tell from this teaser, it’s the type of film you would expect from us. Our plans are to disrupt the current distribution model by putting power back into the hands of filmmakers using the vast audience we’ve built over 30 years. THE THETA GIRL, hold onto your seats, there’s a lot more coming.”

“This film explodes onto the screen like the lovechild of Ted V. Mikels and Jodorowsky, skull-fucks you like a tag team of Blue Sunshine and Blood Feast, and when it’s done you will say, “Thank you, may I have another.” – Psycho Drive-In

Check out the trailer below:

The Theta Girl was written by David Axe and directed by Christopher Bickel. Bickel was also responsible for shooting, editing, and designing the sound for the film. Axe and Bickel also served as the film’s producers. The film stars Victoria Elizabeth as Gayce, Shane Silman as Brother Marcus, and Darrelle D. Dove as Derek.

One of the best exploitation films in a generation” – Nevermore Horror

The MPAA has not yet rated the film but its content does include “nudity, drug use, adult themes, and extremely graphic violence” so be in for a film that pulls no punches.

Bickel describes Film Threat’s distribution of his film as “a dream come true,” relaying “reading Film threat as a kid opened my eyes to a whole world of extreme independent cinema, and made me feel like one day I could eventually do this shit too. And now, however many years later, here we are.”

Pre-orders of digital copies of the film are now available via VIMEO. We will have more information on physical copies of the film as it becomes available.

“Raw, unflinching and unapologetic” – Cherry Bombed, Dangerous Minds

Look for our own review soon!


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