EIBON PRESS: Lucio Fulci’s House by the Cemetery and Other Updates

Look for Lucio Fulci's House by the Cemetery in 2019. And there's more from Eibon Press . . .

Lucio Fulci’s House by the Cemetery

Eibon Press is currently working on a new 3-issue series based on Lucio Fulci’s House by the Cemetery. The first issue will be available for pre-order on February 8, 2019. A legendary artist will be illustrating all of the interior artwork for this series, and his name (along with some new enamel pins based on one of Eibon Press’s hottest books) will be revealed this September. Stay tuned for updates about this series over the next two months.

But that is not the only exciting event happening at Eibon Press. Here are some updates about some of its current releases and future projects.

Bottomfeeder Series

The Psycho Fan edition of Bottomfeeder Issue #3 is almost sold out. At last count, there were only 15 or 20 left. Psycho Fan editions are highly collectible but extremely limited in terms of availability. No reprints will be available after they are sold out, so get them while you can!

If you have ordered Bottomfeeder Issue #3, you won’t have to wait much longer to receive it. This final issue will ship in September, which is literally only a few weeks away.

And for those of you who want to catch up on the entire Bottomfeeder series, Eibon Press has a special offer for you. You can now order the Complete Collection featuring all three double page issues of Bottomfeeder. You can get all 180 pages of this gory action-packed comic masterpiece for just $30 plus shipping.

Maniac Issue #2

Eibon Press has brought the classic Joe Spinell/ William Lustig slasher film of the early 1980s to life in its Maniac series. This dark comic series pits Maniac against another brutal serial killer, The New York Ripper.

Legendary scream queen Caroline Munro will play a major role in Maniac Issue #2, and there will be a special guest in this issue too. This 40-page king-sized issue will be available for pre-order on October 12.

Laserblast Issue #2

There will be one more issue of Laserblast. Eibon Press would like to bring closure to the first installment. Laserblast has not been as successful as its other comics, but Eibon Press is open to doing another issue after Laserblast Issue #2 if there is enough demand for it. However, Laserblast Issue #2 probably won’t be ready until early 2020.

Lucio Fulci’s Zombie

Lucio Fulci’s Zombie will be on hiatus in 2019, but it won’t be on hold for long. Eibon Press’s flagship comic series will make a triumphant return.

Artist Pat Carbajal

Eibon Press’s star house artist Pat Carbajal will be working on a new series soon. If you loved his work on Lucio Fulci’s Zombie, Maniac, Laserblast, and Bottomfeeder, watch for updates about his upcoming project.

Variant Cover Issues

More variant cover issues are coming! Eibon Press plans to include them with every title from now on. Expect at least one variant cover for every issue with Psycho Fan packages.

Subscription Service

Eibon Press will offer a subscription service for House by the Cemetery and other books. More details will be released toward the end of this year.

That is all the latest Eibon Press news for now. If you would like more information about Eibon Press, visit its main website at And remember that all Eibon Press comics and books are only available through its online store at



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