My Favorite Zombie 2018

Submissions Open For My Favorite Zombie Month!

My Favorite Zombie 2018 is now open for submissions!

My Favorite Zombie Month 2018 celebrates the zombie from all walks of life! Share with us your favorite zombie movie or better yet a specific zombie that is memorable to you!

Do you have love for video games? Share with us your favorite zombie-related video game! Checked out a really great zombie apocalypse book? Let us know which one is your favorite. Have you dedicated your life to the zombie? i.e. SFX artist, film maker, writer, etc…we want to hear from you!

Need ideas?! Click here to check out our past entries from 2010.

Personal moments are heralded substantially by us here at TDW. We really appreciate users who share their favorite zombie costume they’ve created or maybe their own personal zombie film they’ve created with friends. This is about you and your love for one of the most beloved horror sub genres.

Click here to submit a written article.

Click here to submit a video.

There’s no signing up for any accounts and its free to contribute.

The user that receives the most views and/or comments will win our curated Zombie-themed prize pack!

Check it out below!

[Click for unfiltered image]
Prize pack includes:

  • [1] t-shirt (your choice of design/size)
  • [1] 11×17 Dead Alive poster
  • [4] 1″ George Romero buttons
  • [1] Dawn of the Dead deck of playing cards
  • [1] Zombies: A Record of the Year of Infection illustrated softback novel
  • [1] 1985 original press 7” soundtrack record for George A. Romero’s Day of The Dead!
  • The Fulci-Zombie soap is currently unavailable.

Two runner-ups will receive 2 11×17 posters of their choice (from a selection of handpicked designs).

Submissions will be received until the 2nd week of October ending 8/13/2018.

One entry per person. All prize pack items are subject to availability.


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