The State Of Decay: A Letter From The Editor

A Word On MFZ 2018, TDW Video Digest & Our New Dead Associates

My Favorite Zombie 2018, Dead Associates, and TDW Video Digest...oh my!

My Favorite Zombie 2018 is in full swing and we are busier than ever scheduling all of the upcoming articles for this month’s Zombie celebration!

Our first post is up and is written your’s truly and take a look at the rise of the zombie from an obscure niche of the past to its pop culture phenomenon of today and what the zombie means to mean personally as a life long fan. I even somehow manage to link a meet and greet with Bret “The Hitman” Hart and discovering Resident Evil on the original Playstation. Check it out!

In other news, I’ve launched an affiliate/link page titled Dead Associates where I will host banners of our friends and affiliates that we’ve partnered up with. You can never have enough horror, cult, and exploitation shenanigans so we hope you do visit our friends there! You can find the page HERE or under the ABOUT tab on the main menu above.

Oh and one more thing…do you remember Lea, one of our previous staff writers? Well she’s back but in a different capacity! She will be helping us bring back our short-lived Video Digest so do be on the look out for that! If you somehow missed our premiere video check it out below.

That’s it! We hope you stick around and check out all of the great stuff we have in store for this October’s My Favorite Zombie Month and beyond!

In the word’s of the immortal and well beloved George A. RomeroStay Scared!


A.R. Marquez



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