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ICYMI: Check Out The Teaser Poster For The Creepshow TV Show Reboot Courtesy Of Shudder!

Creepshow is coming to Shudder via a rebooted streaming television series!

If you’re an older horror fan (or a bit of an archaeologist), then you probably remember E.C. Comics. These horror comics were brutal, filled with serial killers, the freshly reanimated corpses, mad surgeons, and every flavor of trashy spectacle you can imagine. They were also one of the biggest reasons that the comics code was put in place. While said comics are no longer with us, they did provide fertile ground for classic shows like Tales From The Crypt, as well as anthology horror films like Creepshow, Tales From The Darkside, et al.

In fact, when talking about anthology horror movies, Creepshow is probably the one most people have seen. If you’re not familiar with it, though, it was a collaboration between Stephen King and George Romero back in 1982. It contained 5 short horror films that ranged from a farmer being overtaken by bizarre plant growths exposed to space radiation, to a vengeful father rising from the grave, to a strange creature kept in a crate beneath the stairs in an old college storeroom. Despite the movie’s age, though, it’s held up surprisingly well over the years.

That’s why it’s getting some new life breathed into it!

The Walking Dead‘s Greg Nicotero is developing a TV show (which is probably the best way to truly embrace the anthology nature of the concept) that will run on Shudder once it’s ready to rock. Not only that but noted author Joe Hill has said he’d be contributing to the show (which is more than enough to get me excited).

As if all of that talent congealing in one place wasn’t enough, we recently got this shiny poster from the New York Comic Con.

Did you really expect anything else?

Seriously, look at this thing! This poster looks like the hate-child of a period horror comic and a Hammer production of a Boris Karloff film. It’s grungy, it’s pulpy, and it lets you know right up front exactly what you’re in for when you click play on this upcoming series.

And, honestly, we’re totally primed for this kind of series right now.

Think about it. American Horror Story has been one of the most popular horror series on the market, running for more than half a dozen seasons. Other shows like Channel Zero have aped its format, and seen positive results. With all of the nostalgia for remakes, and with Stephen King more popular than ever after the blockbuster success of the first It film, people are more than ready for some of that old horror magic to fill them up. Something that hearkens back to the days of The Outer LimitsThe Twilight ZoneTales From The Crypt, or even the lesser-known show Monsters.

We haven’t had a true horror anthology show in far too long. And if this poster is any indicator of the quality, the attitude, and the sheer old-fashioned style that’s going to be part of the new Creepshow series, then we are in for one hell of a good time.


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