Haunting Trailer for Ghost in the Graveyard Makes Debut at AFM

The restless spirit of a dead little girl disturbs the living in this new supernatural thriller

Photo Credit: Justin Cook

At the American Film Market (AFM), Cellar Door Productions released the first trailer and some new photo stills for its new supernatural thriller called Ghost in the Graveyard. The film marks the directorial debut of Charlie Comparetto, who produced the 2016 documentary The Rise and Fall of Howie Spira.

The tragic story of this film is set in a small town. In this town, a children’s game called Ghost in the Graveyard turns deadly for a little girl named Martha (Shiloh Verrico), and she won’t let the other children who played the game with her and saw her death forget it. Years after she died, Martha has returned to haunt her former playmates, including Sally Sullivan (Kelli Berglund).

Kelli Berglund as Sally Sullivan in Ghost in the Graveyard (2018) Photo Credit: Justin Cook

Sally was blamed for Martha’s accidental death, and now she must figure out why Martha has returned and how to make her stop haunting them. Sally’s search for answers leads to some deep secrets being revealed that have wide-reaching consequences.

Worldwide rights for Ghost in the Graveyard are available through Cellar Door Productions.



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