Now Playing @ The Alamo Drafthouse

Welcome to Now Playing, where we check in at the Alamo Drafthouse locations around the country to see what’s playing during their Signature Series run!

The Alamo Drafthouse Signature Series‘ that we will be focusing on are:

Terror Tuesdays

Weird Wednesdays 

Horror Show 

Temple of Schlock

Prints of Darkness

The Graveyard Shift

Vinegar Syndrome Presents

Shouting At The Screen 

Video Vortex

We will update in accordance with the Alamo Drafthouse calendar in order to give the best available heads up for your local Drafthouse. Please note that not all Alamo Drafthouse locations participate in the above Signature Series.

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We don’t just watch horror movies — we live for them.And at every Terror Tuesday, we join hands to worship at the gore-soaked altar of slash, trash, thrash,and FUN!! This eclectic series spans all centuries, covering everything from seminal horror treasures to undiscovered D.I.Y. monster-blasts. Terror Tuesday is the new ground zero for warming your black heart.

The following Drafthouse location(s) participate in the Terror Tuesday Signature Series:

Austin, TX | New York City, NY | Kansas City, MO | Raleigh, NC | San Francisco, CA| Springfield, IL



Weird Wednesday is a weekly celebration of movies that are too outrageous for prime time. This is a head-first dive into an ocean of genre oddities, a one-way ticket to the edges of reality where imagination and commercial excess dance on the graves of common sense and decency. No decade or sub-genre is off-limits, so expect girl gangs, mutant punks, lesbian vampires, pimp ghosts, post-apocalyptic barbarian queens, and karate-chopping nuns. Every ticket to Weird Wednesday is a chance to see something wild, wonderful, and fun.

The following Drafthouse location(s) participate in the Weird Wednesday Signature Series:

Austin, TX | New York City, NY | Raleigh, NC | San Francisco, CA


Horror Show stalks all centuries for the most electrifying scares of all time! Expect big-budget all-time favorites. Expect no-budget, soon-to-be-favorites. But most of all, expect to have FUN. Join us as we travel back to a time when grown-ups could make a living by crafting plaster molds of nuclear mutants. Back to when computers were properly utilized to create spreadsheets, rather than severed limbs. Back to when creativity was not a means to make 80 million dollars, but to scare the bejesus out of audiences.

The following Drafthouse location(s) participate in the Horror Show Signature Series:

Charlottesville, VA | Corpus Christi, TX | Omaha, NE | Springfield, MO


Welcome to The Graveyard Shift — where night owls come together to enjoy some of the best horror movies ever made. From the classics to unknown gems, every month the Alamo Drafthouse will pick out a favorite from the vault for your enjoyment.

The following Drafthouse location(s) participate in the The Graveyard Shift Signature Series:

Houston, TX | Denver, CO


Temple of Schlock is devoted to the outlandish fringe films of the sleazy ‘70s and oily ‘80s, a time when rotting rural drive-ins and run-down urban theaters were catering to the wildest, most jaded thrill-seeking movie audiences in the world. Today those theaters are gone, but the films live on – and we’ve got access to over three thousand of them in 35mm! Yes, we actually project all this trashy goodness onto a big screen in honest-to-goodness 35mm film! That means every month we search the deepest, darkest corners of the American Genre Film Archive to bring you the finest in ACTION! And HORROR! And CAR CRASHES! And KUNG FU! And STEWARDESSES! And KUNG FU STEWARDESSES! And…well, you get the picture. TEMPLE OF SCHLOCK is the skid row cinema-going experience your mom warned you about.

The following Drafthouse location(s) participate in the Temple of Schlock Show Signature Series:

Yonkers, NY


Back in the days before live-­tweeting, the only way to express your thoughts while watching a movie was to yell them out loud to the delight of your friends, and the disgust of the old people two rows in front of you. Wyatt Cenac (Night Train) and Donwill (Tanya Morgan) invite you to join them as they recreate the magic of Magic Johnson theaters and guide you through the wonderful world of blaxploitaton and black cult cinema. Each month, Wyatt and Donwill screen a fine film specimen from yesteryear, egging you on from the peanut gallery as the non -­‐foam Statler and Waldorf. Each screening starts with a presentation of obscure trivia and the fun continues with drinking games throughout the film.

The following Drafthouse location(s) participate in the Shouting At The Screen Signature Series:

New York City, NY


35mm horror cinema hosted by Fangoria’s veteran Michael Gingold!

Classics of the horror cinema from the 1970s, ’80s and early ’90s live again, in glorious 35mmPrints of Darkness takes you back to the days when scary movies meant business, practical makeup FX ruled, and audiences shared the terror communally in front of a big screen. From box- office hits to cult favorites, from psycho slashers to carnivorous creatures to supernatural menaces—come re-experience modern horror’s golden age, with all the grit and atmosphere only true film can provide.

The following Drafthouse location(s) participate in the Horror Show Signature Series:

Yonkers, NY


Vinegar Syndrome is the most important genre home video label on the planet. Founded by genre- film lovers for genre-film lovers, the label’s mission is to preserve, restore, and release the rarest and most unique exploitation and horror movies from their massive archive. Join us each month as we partner with Vinegar Syndrome to showcase brand new 2K restorations of these movies as they were meant to be seen — on the big screen. And in true exploitation fashion, each screening will be accompanied by drink and menu specials that complement the raw, dirt-cheap nature of the movies themselves.

The following Drafthouse location(s) participate in the Vinegar Syndrome Presents Signature 

Los Angeles, CA


Video Vortex

Video Vortex unearths ultra-obscure, ultra-bizarre movies from the fringes of the universe. And beyond. Every movie is curated to potentially be the greatest thing that you’ve never seen. This is a showcase for movies that were only released — or never released — on home video. But here, they’re blown up on the big screen and ready to annihilate reality in ways that aren’t possible in the safety of a living room. From Turkish bootlegs to D.I.Y. goreblasts, these movies are surreal, hilarious, and admirable — usually all at once.

The following Drafthouse location(s) participate in the Video Vortex Signature Series:

Austin, TX | New York City, NY | Raleigh, NC | San Francisco, CA | Dallas/Fort Worth, TX | 
Denver, CO | El Paso, TX | Houston, TX | Kansas City, MO | Laredo, TX | Los Angeles, CA | 
Lubbock, TX | New Braunfels, TX | Ashburn, VA (Northern Virginia) | Omaha, NE | 
Phoenix/Chandler, AZWoodbury, MN (Twin Cities) | Yonkers, NY