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My Favorite Zombie 2010

Peter Bark…Beyond Oedipus by WES ALLEN

Wes Allen hopes his life will parallel that of some of society’s greatest perverts. His quest for filth and excess has lead his life in fantastic directions, all which were guided by film and rock and roll. His homebase for smut-peddling is, the site he founded as a love letter to the horror/exploitation film world. When his brain is lobotomized, we will find hunks of John Waters, Lucio Fulci, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Jim VanBebber, Richard Stanley, John Lee Hooker, Otis Redding, Led Zeppelin, Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS, Russ Meyer, Ruggero Deodato, The Golden Age of Porn, MC5, Ruth Brown, Betty Davis, H.G. Lewis, Divine, Prince, Italian Horror, Lemmy, Coffee, Cigarettes, and Beer. He lives in Ohio with his beautiful wife, son & daughter and mourns the Cleveland Browns on an annual basis.

My Favorite Zombie 2010

Caribbean Red Stripe Zombies by J.M. STEWART

J.M. Stewart is a self employed Marketing/ P.R. professional who loves
to stir the pot. He holds degrees in Political Science and Comparative Religion, but can have a conversation with someone that won’t start a war. J.M. lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and when not working on his writing, you can find him
driving around Northern California with something radioactive in his trunk.

My Favorite Zombie 2010

Night of the Living “Pinko Commies”! by FRED ADELMAN

Fred Adelman grew up loving all types of horror films. From the early-80’s to the late-90’s, he published a zine devoted to all kinds of bizarre and obscure cinema called CRITICAL CONDITION. When the bottom fell out of the publishing business, Fred moved his zine to the online world ( Fred has written many film reviews/interviews for other publications and Internet review sites/blogs. He has also contributed liner notes and his vast collection of movie ad mats to DVD releases and internet sites.